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Shop on Flipkart on Credit with Flipkart Pay Later | What is Flipkart Pay Later?


A “Flipkart Pay Later” is essentially like purchasing goods on credit in simple terms. It’s similar to how you might buy items on credit from a local store in your area and make the payment in the coming month or after a few days. Many people in our country do this because their salaries come on a fixed date each month, and in case they don’t have money before that, they opt for buying things on credit. Then, when their payment arrives the next month, they settle their dues. This is what we refer to as a “Pay Later” option in the online world.

You can shop on Flipkart using the Flipkart Pay Later service, even if you don’t have the money right away. With this option, you can order your desired items and make the payment on the 5th of the following month. Flipkart Pay Later can be used for shopping on Flipkart, Shopsy, and Myntra, and this service is provided to you without any additional charges. However, if you fail to make the payment on the 5th, there may be some charges applicable, but there are no charges for timely payments.

Apply for Flipkart Pay Later now:

Apply for Flipkart Pay Later now👉Click Here

What is flipkart pay later

“Flipkart Pay Later” is a credit facility offered by Flipkart to its customers, allowing them to purchase any item on credit and make the payment on the 5th of the following month. Flipkart provides a credit limit of up to one lakh rupees, which varies for each customer.

Upon applying for it, we received a credit limit of ₹70,000. Now, we can purchase any item up to ₹70,000 and repay it in easy monthly installments, known as EMIs.

Even if you make multiple purchases in a month, this is a convenient option as you can make a single payment for all your purchases at once. According to our research, this is an excellent service launched with the customers’ needs in mind. Sometimes, funds are not readily available, and there’s a necessity to acquire goods. In such situations, this proves to be quite helpful. We hope you have found this information about “Flipkart Pay Later” beneficial.

Flipkart pay later usage fee

Effective from March 1st, 2023, a revised Usage Fees structure, based on your assigned Flipkart Pay Later limit and your usage in the respective month, is applicable to your Flipkart Pay Later Account.

Monthly Usage RangeMonthly Usage Fee (Exclusive of GST)Monthly Usage Fee (Including GST)No. of Transactions
₹101 – ₹1,000/-₹5/-₹5.9/-Unlimited
₹1,001 – ₹3,000₹10/-₹11.8/-Unlimited
Any amount Greater then ₹3,000/-₹15/-₹17.7/-Unlimited


  • There will be no usage fee charged for usage totaling Rs 100 or less in a single month.
  • Usage Fee will be charged on a monthly basis and not per transaction.
  • The above charges are subject to change and may vary in the future. Always consider updated data on Flipkart as accurate.

What will you find in a Flipkart letter?

On Flipkart, you’ll find the following three fantastic features in your Flipkart Pay Later account:

  1. Credit Limit: You can avail a credit limit of up to one lakh rupees, though you might initially start with a lower limit. This credit can be used for shopping on Flipkart and its other apps, such as Shopsy and Myntra. Even if you’re short on cash, you can still make purchases and settle the payment next month. The bill can be cleared between the 1st and 5th of the following month with no additional charges.
  2. Instant Buy: When you place an order for a product, you can conveniently make payments using Flipkart Pay Later with just one click in the payment section. It’s as simple as that!
  3. Bunch up Payments: If you’re a frequent shopper and make multiple transactions in a month, this feature can make things easy for you. You can bundle all your payments together and pay the entire bill in one go next month. This means you’ll only need to make a single transaction, simplifying your payment process.

Who Benefits from ‘Flipkart Pe Letter’?

Let’s explore who benefits the most from Flipkart Pay Later:

  1. If you make multiple purchases in a month and are tired of entering your debit card details and dealing with OTPs every time, then Flipkart Pay Later is your solution. You can make payments effortlessly through it.
  2. You opted for the cash on delivery payment option and forgot, only to face inconvenience when the order arrived. With Flipkart Pay Later, you can make payments instantly when placing the order.
  3. If your salary hasn’t come in yet or your expenses have exhausted your funds, Flipkart Pay Later allows you to order essential items and pay them back next month.
  4. Cash on delivery payments can be inconvenient, as you have to wait for change. With Flipkart Pay Later, you can avoid this hassle.
  5. When you want to purchase a mobile phone or laptop but don’t have all the money upfront, you can use Flipkart Pay Later to pay in installments, even for items over ₹2,500.
  6. Even if you have multiple cards, Flipkart Pay Later is the most convenient option. You can make payments without any hassle or fear.

So, Flipkart Pay Later offers a convenient and hassle-free payment option for a wide range of situations. It simplifies your shopping experience and provides flexibility in managing your payments.

Are you eligible for Flipkart Pay Later?

By applying for ‘Flipkart Pay Later,’ you can determine within just 30 seconds whether you are eligible for this service or not. All you need to do is enter your PAN card and Aadhar card information for verification. Then, in 30 seconds, you will know if you can begin shopping with ‘Flipkart Pay Later’!

फ्लिपकार्ट पे लेटर
Image Credit : Flipkart

If you don’t have the Flipkart app yet, download the Flipkart app now.

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If you have the Flipkart app, then apply for Flipkart Pay Later right now.

Apply for Flipkart Pay Later now👉Click Here
फ्लिपकार्ट पे लेटर
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Benefits of Flipkart Pay Later

If you use Flipkart Pay Later, you enjoy several benefits:

  1. Cashless and Paperless Convenience: Flipkart Pay Later is a cashless and paperless facility. Unlike other credit card options, you don’t have to pay any maintenance charges for this service.
  2. Quick Refunds: When you cancel or return an order, Flipkart Pay Later provides an instant refund. This means the refunded amount is credited back to your account immediately.
  3. No Extra Charges: There are no additional charges associated with Flipkart Pay Later. It’s entirely free, without any interest, account maintenance fees, or hidden costs.
  4. Payment Flexibility: Flipkart Pay Later offers better flexibility compared to credit cards. You can make payments for your purchases on any online payment platform, such as net banking, UPI, debit cards, or credit cards. This flexibility allows you to choose your preferred payment method.
  5. Up to 35 Days Credit: You can enjoy a credit period of up to 35 days with Flipkart Pay Later. If you make a purchase on the first day of the month, you have until the 5th of the next month to settle the payment.

For instance, if you place ten orders in a month, instead of having ten individual transactions in your bank statement, you can make a single payment at the end of the month through Flipkart Pay Later. This simplifies your banking transactions and reduces the hassle of repeatedly entering card details, net banking credentials, or OTPs for each order. With Flipkart Pay Later, you can complete your payments with just one click.

फ्लिपकार्ट पे लेटर
Image Credit : Flipkart
फ्लिपकार्ट पे लेटर
Image Credit : Flipkart
  • You will need to consolidate all your purchases made throughout the month and settle the bill by the 5th of the following month. For example, if you make a purchase of ₹3,000, you must pay the entire amount at once; you cannot make partial payments, which means you cannot opt for partial payments of ₹1,000 three times.
  • You can choose installment payments only if your order bill exceeds ₹2,500. If it’s less than that, you will need to pay the full amount in the following month. In other words, the EMI option is available only for orders above ₹2,500.
  • This policy is applicable only to Flipkart and its affiliated companies, such as Myntra, Shopsy, Flipkart Health+, Flipkart Grocery, Flipkart Wholesale, and Cleartrip.

How to pay the dues of Flipkart Pay Later?

When using Flipkart Pay Later, the outstanding balance needs to be settled in the following month. Here, we will guide you on how to make payment for your Flipkart Pay Later bill. Below, we have outlined some steps through which you can clear your Flipkart Pay Later dues.

Step-1: To view your statement, navigate to “My Account” in your Flipkart app and click on “Flipkart Pay Later.”

फ्लिपकार्ट पे लेटर
Image Credit : Flipkart
फ्लिपकार्ट पे लेटर
Image Credit : Flipkart

Step-2: Now, you’ll see the utilized limit and the remaining limit here. Click on ‘Pay Bill’ to settle the bill.

buynowpaylater inside10
Image Credit : Flipkart

Step-3: Select your preferred payment method for settling the bill, such as: debit card, credit card, internet banking, or UPI.

buynowpaylater inside11
Image Credit : Flipkart

Step-4: Now, complete your payment, and your Flipkart Pay Later bill will be settled. You will also receive a confirmation message for the same.

buynowpaylater inside12
Image Credit : Flipkart

Now, your concern about how to pay Flipkart Pay Later has been resolved. However, some people worry about what will happen if they forget to pay the bill on time. Let’s also explore this aspect.

No need to worry about forgetting letter bill on Flipkart

Flipkart will continuously remind you from the first of next month until the 5th. For this purpose, you will receive notifications, messages, and emails on the Flipkart app, making it easy for you to remember. This will help you repay your dues on time and qualify for a higher credit limit in the future.

But what happens if you still don’t make a payment on Flipkart Pay Later by the 5th? If you don’t have the funds or forget to pay by the due date, Flipkart charges you accordingly, depending on the outstanding amount. Let’s delve into the details.

Flipkart pay later charges

If you fail to make the payment for Flipkart Pay Later EMI or your bill by the 5th of the month, you will be subject to certain penalty charges,A penalty of 6%* of the outstanding due, levied on a monthly basis. which are as follows:

Bill AmountLate Payment Charge Amount*
₹100 – ₹500₹60
₹501 – ₹1000₹150
₹1001 – ₹ 2000₹210
₹ 2001 – ₹4000₹350
₹4001 – ₹ 5000₹475
₹5000 & above₹700
**Fees are inclusive of applicable taxes,
Note: The above charges are subject to change and may vary in the future. Always consider the updated data on Flipkart as accurate.

Flipkart pay later EMI Interest rates

On Flipkart, you can make payments for your purchases in monthly installments if your order is above ₹2,500. To avail this option, you’ll need to click on Flipkart Pay Later and select EMI after clicking. Please note that EMI payments come with an interest charge, which is as follows:

The EMI processing fee is 1%, with a maximum charge of just ₹199.

EMI DurationInterest rate (per year)
3 months14%
6 months14%
9 months24%
12 months24%

Flipkart pay later customer care

You can reach out to Flipkart customer care for any inquiries, issues, or other information of any kind.

Flipkart pay later customer care Number1800 202 9898
For all questions related to Flipkart Pay LaterClick Here

How to close flipkart pay later account

If you wish to close your Flipkart Pay Later account, you can contact Flipkart through their Help Center at to initiate the closure process.

Opinions on Flipkart pay later

Flipkart is an Indian company, and its services have consistently been top-notch. It continually strives to improve itself. According to our experience, Flipkart’s credit letter can be quite cost-effective if you make payments on time. Delaying bill payments can incur charges that might inconvenience you. Therefore, it’s advisable to use it only if you are capable of paying your bills on time. The credit letter works somewhat like a credit card, but considering its features and charges, it stands out as an excellent option.

Similar to a credit card, this system requires you to settle your previous month’s purchases bill on the 5th of each month.

Hence, apply for Flipkart Pay Later today and make your next shopping payment along with Flipkart Pay Later. Whether you’re buying a smartphone, setting up your kitchen, or any other essential purchase – there’s no better friend than Flipkart Pay Later for whatever you want to buy from Flipkart.

If you don’t have the Flipkart app yet, download the Flipkart app now.

Download Flipkart👉Click Here

If you have the Flipkart app, apply for Flipkart Pay Later right now.

Apply for Flipkart Pay Later now👉Click Here

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