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Experience the thrill of competitive gaming like never before with the Rush app! Rush is your gateway to a world of skill-based games where you can put your gaming prowess to the test and even earn rewards.

₹10 Crore+ Daily Winnings in

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Real Cash Games

Get ready to embark on an exciting gaming journey with Rush. Download now and join the gaming revolution!

Download App & Get ₹50 free!

Rush App

HOW TO Install Rush App

Steps to install the Rush real money game app & win money online are :

  • Click “Download App” button to get an online cash games app for Android or iOS.
  • Tap “Download anyway” on the general warning message. Rush is 100% safe & secure & trusted by 5 Crore+ real players.
  • Locate the real money games apk on your device to install & signup. Now start playing online game earn money.

Step 1: Click “Download” Button to continue.

Rush App

Step 2: Click on “Download Anyway” to start downloading.

Rush App

Step 3: Turn on “Allow Apps” from this source.

Rush App

Step 4: Click on “Install” to play games & earn real cash.

step 4

PLAYERS Trust Rush App

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EXPERIENCE 15+ Skill Based Games

Download real money earning app & start playing 15+ skills based online games to earn money

Rush Ludo
Rush Call Break
Rush Carrom
Rush Ladders
Rush Leedo Play

REASONS TO Play on rush app

Here are some of the reasons why users love to play on the Rush money game app. Check out why players love playing online cash games on Rush money game app.

  • Earn real cash
  • 5 Cr+ Real Players
  • No bots in games
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • Big Tournaments
  • 24×7 Support
  • 1 Referral = ₹1,000

RUSH IS A Member of

  • AIGF

What is Rush

Rush is an online gaming platform that caters to the competitive gaming community in India. Unlike traditional video games, Rush primarily focuses on skill-based games that provide players with an opportunity to earn money while playing.

Here’s an expansion of the concept:

  1. Online Gaming Platform: Rush by Hike operates as a digital platform that offers a wide range of games that users can access through their computers or mobile devices. It leverages the popularity of online gaming in India.
  2. Skill-Based Games: The key feature of Rush is that it hosts skill-based games. These are games where a player’s skill, strategy, and performance directly impact the outcome, as opposed to games of pure chance. This makes it more competitive and rewarding for skilled players.
  3. Competitive Spirit: Rush taps into the competitive spirit of Indian gamers, encouraging them to test their abilities against others. Whether it’s puzzles, strategy games, or other challenges, players can engage in head-to-head competitions.
  4. Earning Money: One of the distinctive aspects of Rush is that it allows players to earn money while playing games. This monetization model often involves cash prizes, bonuses, or rewards for top performers. Players can enjoy gaming as a source of entertainment while also having the potential to make some income.
  5. Indian Market: Rush is particularly targeted at the Indian gaming market. India has a growing gaming community, and skill-based gaming platforms have gained popularity due to their ability to provide both entertainment and financial incentives.
  6. Hike: Hike is a popular Indian technology company known for its messaging app. By launching Rush, Hike diversifies its offerings into the gaming sector, aiming to capture a share of the growing Indian gaming market.

In summary, Rush by Hike is an Indian online gaming platform that focuses on skill-based games, tapping into the competitive spirit of Indian gamers, and allowing them to earn money through their gaming skills. It’s part of the broader trend of skill-based gaming platforms that have gained traction in the country.

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Rush - Play Ludo, Carrom, Call Break Game & More
Rush play Games and Win Cash

Download Rush, one of India's best Real Cash Gaming Apps by hike. Enjoy playing Ludo, Carrom, Call Break, Disc Football, Pool, Archery, and more with your family and friends. Join now for a thrilling gaming experience!

Price Currency: INR

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game

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