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How to play Ludo On zupee app? | How to play Zupee Ludo?


Let us know, how to play Ludo? How to play Zupee Ludo? Ludo is a simple and strategic board game, whose easy gameplay makes it interesting. With the advancement of technology, now you can also play online Ludo games on mobile gaming apps like Zupee, WinZo, and Rush. On these mobile gaming apps, you can also win up to ten lakh rupees. If you enjoy playing online mobile games, you can now play exciting games like Ludo on your mobile device. 

This article will explain the difference between how to play Ludo (the old version) and how to play Ludo online. Allow us to refresh your memory with a tutorial on Ludo games.

You can also watch this video on How to Play Ludo Online on Ludo Supreme vs. the Classic Board Game:

How to play Zupee Ludo?

How to play Ludo step by step?

Learn Ludo Gameplay: a step-by-step guide :

The aim of the game is to take all four pawn from the yard and move them clockwise around the board until they reach home (the box in the centre of the board). If you get all of your pawn to the home box before your competitors, you win the game.

Step 1: Start the Ludo Game

Selecting a board is the first step in playing Ludo. Cardboard, wood, and iron are just a few of the elements used to make the Ludo board. The maximum number of players on a standard Ludo board is 4, while some boards additionally include a 6-player alternative.

All players must select a colour and set their individual pawns on the board in the designated spaces after determining the number of players and the size of the board. To play the board game Ludo, each player is given four pawns.

Step 2: Roll the Ludo dice

Each player throws the dice. The player who rolls 6 starts the game. By doing this, everyone started playing the game by rolling 6 on their dice. In some places, the game is also started by rolling a 1.

Step 3: Move the pawn around the board

You may bring one of your pawns into the playing area if you roll a 6. Roll the dice one again to add another value to your pawns in the playing area. Roll the dice again for another result. This figure specifies how many boxes your pawn will move. If a player hasn’t rolled a 6, they keep rolling until they do in order to activate the pawn.

Following the activation of your initial pawn, you can either place another pawn on the playing area for every six you roll, or you can choose to move the existing pawn ahead. This is where your game plan comes into play.

Step 4: Capture and safeguard the pawns

Land on your opponent’s token to capture it. The opponent whose token is captured must remove it from the playing area and place it in their yard. The opponent will have to roll another 6 to activate it. The player that captures the opponent’s token receives another die roll.

A star indicates a safe box on some Ludo boards. If you land on these, your opponent will not be able to cut your token. You can also protect your token by generating a block. How can I go about doing that?

By bringing two of your tokens into the same box, you can build a block that your opponent cannot pass through. Your opponent can only pass the block if they fall on the box you’ve established.

Step 5: Win the game

Once in the home run zone, roll the exact dice value to get to the home box. If you roll more or less than the required number of dice, you must move another token into the board or miss your turn.

The game is won by the player who successfully transports their tokens to their respective home boxes. If there are more than two participants, the remaining players might compete against each other even after the first winner is proclaimed.

Play Ludo game online – Ludo Reimagined

When the pandemic hit and everyone was trapped in their homes, Ludo Online stepped in. If you were in India, you most likely spent hours on your phone playing Ludo games with strange people on the internet.

The name Ludo experienced unprecedented popularity. The creators of the Ludo game software were also taken aback. Zupee, a well-known Ludo gaming app, has 350 million daily active users by May 2022. One of its Ludo games created a name for itself among the plethora of Ludo games available online.

Yes, you guessed correctly. It’s Zupee Ludo. It is quickly becoming the most popular Ludo gaming app, with over 24,158,664 downloads and 7,78,850 active players. It may even be better than the normal Ludo!

How to play Ludo Online?

Ludo may be played online on Zupee App. The gaming format of Ludo Supreme differs slightly from that of the conventional Ludo board game. a positive difference, as the format makes the game even more intriguing than it is.

  • At the start of the game, each player is given a random colour token.
  • The game begins, as does the timer. The timer is set based on the format you select. A two-player game lasts eight minutes, and a four-player game lasts ten minutes.
  • Because all tokens are in the open position, you do not need to roll a 6 to begin the game.
  • You gain an extra turn if you roll a 6, but if you roll a 6 three times in a row, you skip a turn.
  • You also gain an additional move for each token you bring home or if you cut another opponent’s token.

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Let’s go over how to zupee ludo online play below:

Step 1: Start the game

You can begin the game by selecting the type of game format and the amount you want to win. The following are the several formats in which you can play Zupee Ludo :

  1. Free Game
  2. 1vs1 Battle
  3. One Winner
  4. Two Winners
  5. Three Winners

Step 2: Roll the Dice

When it is your turn to play, roll the dice by touching on the dice icon. The dice will show a value that represents the number of boxes you can move this turn.

Step 3: Move the tokens or skip your chance

Tap on the token of your choice once the dice reveal its value to move it. When you tap the tokens, they will move as the number rolls.
You can also choose to forego your chance. During the game, you are permitted to skip twice. You will be disqualified if you skip the game a third time.

Step 4: Capture and safeguard the tokens

Land on your opponent’s token to capture it. The opponent whose token is seized automatically returns to its yard. This also results in the loss of all points gained by your opponent’s token. To revive the captured token, the opponent does not need to roll a 6.
The player that captures the opponent’s token receives another die roll.
You can also keep your token safe by storing it in safe boxes.
The boards have star-marked safe boxes. When one or more of your tokens land here, they are safe from capture or cutting by your opponent.

Step 5: Win the game

The score system in Ludo Supreme online is different. Each box moved earns you one point. If your token is cut, all points earned on it are lost. Each token that makes it home earns you an extra 56 points.
When you get to the home run area, roll the exact dice value to get to the home box. If you roll more or less than the required number of dice, you must move another token into the board or miss your turn.
The game is won by the player with the highest score. The money is divided according to the format you select. In the event of a tie, the reward is divided equally among the players.

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FAQs : How to Play Zupee Ludo

  1. Can I play Ludo online?

    Yes. Zupee, WinZo and Rush App now offers online Ludo gaming.

  2. How can I always win at Ludo?

    To win ludo, you must plan your actions and use all four tokens to reach the home area. To win the Ludo game online, however, you must employ a new set of strategies. Here are Ludo techniques and ideas to help you win the game.

  3. How many players can play online Ludo?

    Ludo can be played by 2-4 people.

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