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How to Become a Ludo King Master in Multiplayer Video Games


One of the most popular board games in the world, Ludo King has many different variations, but all of them are essentially the same game: You roll the dice and move your pieces down a path to get to the end first, capturing your opponent’s pieces along the way. Ludo King video games for multiplayer play have much of the same strategy and gameplay as the board game, so here’s how you can become a master at playing this game online against other players from around the world.

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How to Become a Ludo King Master

Becoming a Ludo King Master will take some time and patience. For example, you will need to learn the rules of the game, how to play Ludo, and master strategy. However, the payoff is definitely worth it! Learning how to become a Ludo King Master can help you unwind after a stressful day at work or just have fun with your friends and family on game night.

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1. Open all the pawns pieces

Get all of your pawns out of the home base as soon as possible is one of the first Ludo tips for a winning approach. Every time the dice are rolled, if you just utilise one or two pawns to advance, you are taking unneeded risks and might soon be murdered by your opponent. When the number on the dice is low and you can’t protect a valuable pawn from the opponent with that number, opening all pawn provides you greater choice when moving them. Therefore, concentrate on using all of your pawn as soon as feasible.

2. Spread your pawns on the board

In a Ludo game, you should concentrate on distributing your pawns evenly if you want to gain a strategic edge. If there are no opponents around, strategically placing your pawns enables you to move them as you choose. For instance, changing any piece might result in your pawn being killed immediately if you have two pawns in the same spot and are surrounded by enemies. Additionally, by using this tactic, you may prevent your rivals from winning the game by stopping them from getting to their residences.

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3. Adopt an attacking strategy

Even though you risk losing your pawns , attacking other players is the most exciting element of playing Ludo. You should put mercy aside and take an offensive stance if you want to become unbeatable at ludo. The danger should always be considered before you murder your opponent’s pawn, though. If your pawn is in the first or second quadrant, you should assault your adversary even if it means risking its safety. However, if your pawn lands in the third or fourth quadrant, you should assault your opponent only if you have a chance to flee to a safer area. The rule of seven states that the safer distance is always at least seven steps ahead. According to this rule, you have a lower risk of being killed because your opponent is less likely to receive a 6 and 1.

4. Patience is the key

One of the most important ludo strategies for success is to be patient. For instance, your opponents cannot destroy your pawns in zones that are star-shaped on the board. It is recommended to leave the pawn in the safe zone in these situations if you roll a poor die, especially if your opponents’ pawns are close to their own. Alternately, you might relocate other pieces that could already be in danger or that aren’t in the safe area. As a mistake might send your pawns back to the base and force you to start again, patience is essential to keeping your pawn safe.

5. Block your opponent

One method of securely bringing your pawns into the home is to divert your opponent. Your opponents will always keep a watch on any pawn that is getting close to your home and try to seize it. You must stop your opponent’s attack by pursuing their pawns in order to protect your own from it. Maintaining a lead of at least seven steps over your rivals is a smart tactic since they have less possibility of catching up to you. The most secure position for your pawns on the board is whenever you are at least seven steps ahead of your competitors.

Bonus Ludo Tip: Understand The Rules Before You Start

Understanding the game’s regulations is crucial before using the aforementioned ludo tips and techniques to improve your winning percentage. If you are new to ludo, be sure to understand all of the rules since doing so will make it easier for you to employ the ludo techniques. You will learn how to protect your pawns at all times, when to capture the opposition, when to move your pawns riskily into the last quadrant, and other things.

Frequently Asked Questions to ludo king apk

  1. How to always win ludo King game?

    If you employ the aforementioned ludo tips and strategies successfully, you have a good chance of winning every time you play. All of your pawns must be securely transported to the finish line, thus your winning plan must incorporate various ludo tips and strategies.

  2. How to play online ludo games?

    On the WinZo app, you may play as much free online ludo as you like. To win the WinZo Ludo game, you must move all of your pawns to the finish point before your opponent. The game sets you against a real person online.

  3. Is it a good strategy to open all pawns in Ludo?

    Opening all four of the pawns as soon as you can is one of the most crucial ludo strategies that every player must employ. The chance that your opponent will capture one of your pawns decreases when you have all of your pawns open, and you also have the option to relocate a pawn, which carries a lower risk when the dice throws a little number.

Final Thoughts

You may use these five ludo tips to help you make sensible decisions while playing the game. Even though your opponent is aware of these ludo tips and techniques, the player with a stronger strategy will prevail in the end. It is important to test these ideas in the free Ludo version before participating in real money games. Play Ludo on WinZo when you believe you have mastered these strategies to demonstrate your prowess and compete for thrilling cash prizes.

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