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7 Essential Dream11 Fantasy Team Tips for Winning


Dream11 is a popular fantasy sports platform in India, where users can create their virtual teams and earn points based on the performance of real-life players. The platform offers a range of sports, including cricket, football, basketball, and kabaddi. If you are a fantasy sports enthusiast, you may have already created your team on Dream11. However, if you are new to the platform, or struggling to create a winning team, here are some Dream11 fantasy team tips that can help you improve your chances of winning.

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Research the players and teams

The first step to creating a winning fantasy team is to research the players and teams. Study the recent form, performance, and statistics of players, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different teams. This will help you identify the key players and the best teams to pick for your virtual team.

Balance your team

It’s important to maintain a balance in your fantasy team, with a mix of batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, and wicketkeepers. Ensure that you don’t have too many players from one team, as this can impact your team’s performance if the team does not perform well in the real match.

Pick players based on their role in the team

When selecting players, consider their role in the team. For example, a batsman who opens the innings is likely to score more runs than one who bats lower down the order. Similarly, a bowler who takes the new ball is more likely to take wickets than one who bowls in the middle overs. Consider the role of the player and pick accordingly.

Choose the captain and vice-captain wisely

The captain and vice-captain are crucial players in your fantasy team, as they earn double and 1.5 times the points, respectively. Choose your captain and vice-captain wisely, based on their recent form and their role in the team. Pick a captain who is likely to perform well and lead from the front.

Stay updated with team news

Stay updated with the latest team news, including player injuries and team selection. This can help you make informed decisions when selecting your fantasy team. Follow reliable sources of information, such as team websites, official social media handles, and sports news websites.

Keep an eye on the pitch conditions

Pitch conditions can play a crucial role in the outcome of a match. Consider the pitch conditions, such as the nature of the pitch, the weather conditions, and the time of day, when selecting your fantasy team. For example, if the pitch is slow and low, it may be beneficial to pick more spinners in your team.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

While it’s important to make informed decisions when selecting your fantasy team, don’t be afraid to take risks. Consider picking lesser-known players who may perform well, or select a captain who is not the obvious choice. Taking calculated risks can pay off and help you create a winning fantasy team.

In conclusion, creating a winning fantasy team on Dream11 requires research, analysis, and careful consideration. Follow these Dream11 fantasy team tips to improve your chances of winning and enjoy the thrill of fantasy sports.

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